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Our Monitoring Network

Ping-Admin.Ru     (     ). Our monitoring network consists of 158 globally distributed nodes.

Node IP Datacenter Status
Russia (62 monitoring nodes)
Moscow, center 1 DC1 Powered by DDoS-Guard.
Moscow, center 2   Used only by our free monitoring service.
Moscow, center 3 DataForce Powered by DataForce.
Moscow, center 4 DC3 Powered by PayLicense.
Moscow, east 1 SafeData Powered by iPipe.
Moscow, east 2 StoreData Powered by VPSville.
Moscow, east 3 DataPro Powered by Hostkey.
Moscow, east 4 NTX Powered by Hosting.
Moscow, north Powered by Hostline.
Moscow, north-east 1 Caravan Powered by AdminVPS.
Moscow, north-east 2 Powered by NQhost.
Moscow, north-east 3 Powered by MaxiPlace.
Moscow, north-west Nord Powered by Cloud4Y.
Moscow, south 1 Powered by VPSville.
Moscow, south 2 DataHouse ( ) Powered by MaxiPlace.
Moscow, south 3 Powered by WorldByte.NET.
Moscow, south 4 Powered by
Moscow, south-east DataSpace Powered by 1cloud.
Moscow, south-west 1 Contell Powered by Cloud4box.
Moscow, south-west 2 -9 Powered by
Moscow, west 1 Selectel Powered by CISHost.
Moscow, west 2 ITSoft Powered by ITSoft.
Moscow, west 3 ColoCAT Powered by IMserver.
Moscow, west 4 Powered by REG.RU.
Apatity   Powered by .
Chelyabinsk Powered by Profit Server.
Dubrovka Powered by GBNHost.
Kaliningrad Powered by Info39.
Kazan - Powered by RUVDS.
Kemerovo Quodbox Powered by Truenetwork.
Khabarovsk   Powered by MeteorHost.
Khimki WebDC Powered by FirstVDS.
Korolyov Powered by RUVDS.
Krasnodar Powered by Hosting.RuFox.
Krasnoyarsk Optizone Powered by Optibit.
Nizhny Novgorod   Powered by -.
Novokuznetsk Quodbox Powered by Truenetwork.
Novosibirsk, north Powered by ANZ.
Novosibirsk, south   Powered by Adman.
Omsk   Powered by RusHost.
Perm   Powered by AllOnlyForYou.
Petrozavodsk   Powered by .
Rostov-on-Don   Powered by .
Saint Petersburg, center 1   Powered by TrueVDS.
Saint Petersburg, center 2 InfoboxCloud  
Saint Petersburg, east PIN Powered by PIN.
Saint Petersburg, south Powered by Best-Hoster.
Saratov   Powered by Altura.
Simferopol   Powered by CrimeaHost.
Tambov   Powered by Kolovatoff Hosting.
Tomsk, center   Powered by Flynet.
Tomsk, east Powered by NetPoint.
Tyumen   Powered by .
Vladimir   Powered by Inoventica Services.
Voronezh Dataharbour  
Yaroslavl Powered by YarTT.
Yekaterinburg, north Powered by NetAngels.
Yekaterinburg, south Powered by GalaxyData.
Yekaterinburg, west Powered by Fox Laboratory.
Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk   Powered by IT-Sakh.

ex-USSR (25 monitoring nodes)
Azerbaijan, Baku Delta Telecom Powered by OURHost.
Belarus, Minsk DataHata Powered by BestHost.
Estonia, Narva WHS Powered by FairyHosting.
Georgia, Tbilisi   Powered by Cloud9.
Kazakhstan, Alatau Powered by
Kazakhstan, Almaty   Powered by PS.KZ.
Kazakhstan, Karagandy   Powered by Hoster.KZ.
Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek 1   Powered by Hoster.KG.
Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek 2 CityNet Powered by MyHost.KG.
Latvia, Riga DEAC Powered by Hostnet.
Lithuania, Vilnius Hostline Powered by nonameHosts.
Moldova, Chisinau   Powered by MangoHost.
Ukraine, Dnipro   Powered by AntiDDOS.
Ukraine, Kharkiv, north ITL Powered by HyperHost.
Ukraine, Kharkiv, south OneHostPower Powered by UkrNames.
Ukraine, Khmelnytskyi GMhost Powered by GMhost.
Ukraine, Kiev, center Powered by
Ukraine, Kiev, south   Powered by Neohost.
Ukraine, Kiev, south-east Powered by ColoCall.
Ukraine, Kiev, west Powered by Host-UA.
Ukraine, Mykolaiv   Powered by Server.UA.
Ukraine, Odessa, east Powered by ..
Ukraine, Odessa, west Powered by Rheingold.
Ukraine, Vinnytsia   Powered by
Uzbekistan, Tashkent UZINFOCOM Powered by UZINFOCOM.

Europe (35 monitoring nodes)
Bulgaria, Sofia Telepoint Powered by
Cyprus, Limassol CloudLayer8 Powered by BlueVPS.
Czech Republic, Prague UPL Telecom Powered by YesHost.
Denmark, Copenhagen Interxion  
Finland, Helsinki Creanova Hosting Solutions Powered by Creanova Hosting Solutions.
France, Roubaix OVH Roubaix Powered by Z-Tv Corporation.
France, Gravelines OVH Powered by Good-Host.
France, Paris Iliad DC3  
France, Strasbourg, north OVH Powered by MrHost.
France, Strasbourg, south Datadock Powered by Eurohoster.
Germany, Dusseldorf Equinix  
Germany, Erfurt Keyweb AG Powered by Keyweb.
Germany, Falkenstein Hetzner (DC 14)  
Germany, Frankfurt Global Switch Powered by Rootwelt.
Germany, Munich Contabo Powered by MrHost.
Germany, Nuremberg Core Backbone  
Ireland, Dublin    
Italy, Arezzo Aruba DC1  
Italy, Milano Seflow Powered by TinyVDS.
Luxembourg, Steinsel Root S.A. Powered by Servers.Com.
Norway, Oslo TDC Powered by XHostFire.
Poland, Tarnowskie Gory    
Poland, Warsaw Atman  
Romania, Oradea HostSolutions  
Spain, Madrid Interxion  
Sweden, Stockholm TelecityGroup Powered by DataClub.
Switzerland, Zurich Equinix Powered by PayLicense.
The Netherlands, Amsterdam, south 1 LeaseWeb, EasyNet Powered by Eurobyte.
The Netherlands, Amsterdam, south 2 LeaseWeb, EasyNet Powered McHost.
The Netherlands, Dronten Serverius Powered by Zomro.
The Netherlands, Haarlem LeaseWeb, EvoSwitch AMS-01 Powered by UA-Hosting.
The Netherlands, Naaldwijk WorldStream Powered by Fornex.
The Netherlands, Rotterdam Dataplace Powered by PayLicense.
UK, Hampshire RedStation Powered by UAPEER Hosting Solutions.
United Kingdom, London   Powered by HostZealot.

North America (21 monitoring nodes)
Canada, Beauharnois OVH Powered by MrHost.
Canada, Montreal Kolotek  
Canada, Toronto   Powered by HostZealot.
Canada, Vancouver eSecureData DC3  
USA, AZ, Phoenix Phoenix NAP Powered by Hostiserver.
USA, CA, Fremont Hurricane Fremont2 Powered by NeoServer.
USA, CA, Los Angeles Equinix LA1 Powered by
USA, CO, Denver Handy Networks Powered by X5X.RU.
USA, FL, Jacksonville    
USA, FL, Miami Digital Realty Powered by Eurohoster.
USA, GA, Atlanta ColoCrossing Powered by VirMach.
USA, IL, Chicago Latisys Powered by BlueVPS.
USA, MO, Kansas City Dedispec Powered by MivoCloud.
USA, NC, Asheville Immedion Powered by AdminVPS.
USA, NJ, Clifton Telx Powered by iPipe.
USA, NV, Las Vegas Fiberhub  
USA, NY, Garden City Webair Powered by FirstByte.
USA, NY, New York Zayo Powered by CoolVDS.
USA, TX, Dallas ColoCrossing Powered by VirMach.
USA, VA, Ashburn   Powered by HostZealot.
USA, WA, Seattle Incero Powered by ImpactVPS.

Asia (10 monitoring nodes)
China, Jiangsu   Powered by Compevo.
Hong Kong   Powered by HostZealot.
India, Mumbai    
Iran, Tehran Pars Online Powered by IP-Transit.
Israel, Petah Tikva NetVision  
Japan, Tokyo    
Singapore Root S.A. Powered by TheIDEAHosting.
South Korea, Seodaemun-gu Korea Telecom Powered by XHostFire.
Turkey, Izmir    
UAE, Dubai Equinix DX1  

Others (5 monitoring nodes)
Australia, Sydney Equinix SY2  
Brazil, Sao Paulo    
Chile, Curico    
Egypt, Cairo CityNet  
South Africa, Johannesburg Hetzner  
Total: 158  monitoring nodes.

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