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How can Ping-Admin.Com be helpful to you?

Its no secret that an out-of-service web site or corporate e-mail may cause not only substantial material losses, but also significant reputational damage. But even if the worst has happened and a web site became inaccessible, its important to get notified about it as soon as possible. Using you will be immediately alerted if any failure of service hosted on your server and be able to restore service quickly.

Ping-Admin.Com performs round-the-clock accessibility monitoring and health check of services such as:

As soon as one of these services experiences an outage, you will immediately receive a notification via any of these methods: e-mail, SMS, phone call, internet pager (such as Jabber or ICQ), RSS, web service method request to an URI of your choice.

Ping-Admin.Com offers you powerful and flexible tools for monitoring health of your hosted services to give you peace of mind 24 hours a day. You maintaining full control over your infrastructure. Check out our a full suite of our services by visiting to see for yourself how easy it is to take advantage of our monitoring tools.

In order to start using Ping-Admin.Com services, you have to register. Registration is very simple and takes just few seconds. Register now to receive free monitoring services of a hosted service of your choice for 45 days.

You may also wish to join our partnership program, which has 5 levels, and get over 20% of our earnings.

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